How to add paid Group subscriptions

How to put individual Groups behind a paywall.

Note: This feature requires that you have first enabled the Subscriptions add-on, have configured your Community Subscription settings, and have activated a community subscription product.

To get started, create new Groups and make sure that they are the Premium group type.

Next, go to Subscription Products in the Subscriptions section of Control Center.

Click the Create New Subscription button and click Group Subscription


Fill out the Group Subscription product information, adding the following:

  • Group Product Name (30 char limit)
  • Group Product Description (360 char limit)
  • Group Product Icon Art image - minimum 1024x1024px resolution, file type: jpg, gif, png
  • Group Product Media - image or video, file type: jpg, gif, png, mov, mp4

Optional: Add a Free Trial

Click the button under Group Product Free Trial to enable this option, then input the number of days you will offer for free. After the free trial ends, you will automatically charge the member's payment method on file.

Pricing Plans

Now you need to add the pricing plans, the different pricing options that are available to your members. Click Add Recurring Plan and select Weekly, Monthly, or Annually. Add the amount you will charge the user each payment period.

Add multiple pricing plans if you desire - you can have all three: weekly, monthly, and/or annually.
Click the three dots button on the far right to activate, deactivate, delete, or set the recurring plan as the Default plan offered.


Subscription Product Features & Benefits

Click the Add Group button and then type in the name of the Premium group that is attached to this subscription. Select your Group in the search results.

You can add multiple Premium Groups to a Group Subscription product. Click Add Group and repeat the steps above if you would like to add more groups.

Click Save Changes when you are done.

Displayed Benefits

After you have clicked Save Changes, you can add text in the Displayed Benefits section.
Click Add Benefit to add lines of text that upsell and/or describe the benefits of subscribing.

When you're ready, click Save Changes.

Activate Your Subscription Product
Go to the Subscription Products page in control center. Click the actions button for the Group Subscription that you created and click Activate to make this group subscription available for purchase.