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How to add a Group Subscription

How to put individual Groups behind a paywall.

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To get started, create new Groups and make sure that they are the Closed group type and click the "Paid" checkbox when creating the group.
Make sure to note the Group ID, which is displayed at the top of the Group details in the admin Control Center.
Next, we go to Paywalls in the top navigation of your Control Center and create a new Paywall with the "Group" type.
On the Paywall page for your newly created Paywall, you should see an "Add Product" button.
Click Add Product, input the product's Name, Description. You can choose to make the product Hidden (only accessibly by Admins), or check "Default", which makes the product the default product selected on your paywall.
Click "Active" to make this product available to customers.
Upload your Art and Media graphics - details below:
Product Artwork: The creative used on the product listing page when viewing the product on mobile
Image (Required Dimensions: 1024 pixels x 1024 Pixels)
Product Media: The creative used on the product page
Image OR Video (Suggested Dimension: 500 pixels x 500 pixels)
At the bottom in the "Affordances" section, input the Group ID for the Group the customer would pay access for. Grab the ID from the Group you created earlier, paste in the ID and make sure to select the group ID in the drop down that pops up.
Click "Create Product" when you're done.

Now you're viewing the Product you just created. You can add several "Line Items" to add lines of text where you describe the perks of the product offering, you can change their order by dragging them up and down in the list.
When you're done with viewing your paid group Product, we need to add the payment plans that you're offering, Click "Add Plan".
  • Input your chosen internal Nickname.
  • Choose the Currency (ex: USD) you're charging your customers in
  • Select the billing Interval to decide how often you're charging the customer (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
  • Interval Count is how often you bill the customer, IE you can choose to bill every 3 months or every month (1).
  • Select "Active" to make the product available
  • Usage Type: licensed
  • Billing scheme: per_unit
  • Amount: this is the $$ that you're charging, in cents. For example: $5 = 500
  • Trial Period Days:  if you would like to offer a free trial, input the # of days
  • Choose "Hidden" if you'd like to keep this paid group plan only accessible by Admins
  • Choose "Default" if you would like this plan to be the default payment plan for your Paid Group.
  • Click Create Plan when you're ready.
This should add a Paid Group subscription Paywall to your community!