MailChimp Integration

Easily configure the Honeycommb and Mailchimp Integration

When configuring your MailChimp module, you will be asked for a MailChimp API key and list ID. Both of these are located in your MailChimp account and are accessible after logging in at Here's how you find them...

API Key:
From the left main menu, click on your Username, then select "Account" in the flyout menu. From the account page select "Extras", "API Keys". Your API Key will be listed in the table labeled "Your API Keys". Copy / Paste your API key into the MailChimp Module2 setup.

List ID: (Now called Audiences in MailChimp)
When viewing your MailChimp Lists, select the list you wish to offer user sign-up, then click "Settings" and then "List name & defaults". Your list id will be at the top of the right column below List ID. Copy / Paste your List ID into the MailChimp Module2 setup.

To plug in your MailChimp info in your Honeycommb Control Panel, follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Honeycommb Control Center and click and get into your control center: 

2. Navigate to your Service Integrations:

3. Create a new service integration with MailChimp: 

4. Enter the MailChimp API Key and MailChimp List and enter your MailChimp info then scroll down and click 'Create Service Integration'

NOTE: Do not immediately send an email out after you plugin your MailChimp info. Allow up to 24 hours for data to sync with your existing community. New member accounts will automatically sync.