Honeycommb Account Types

The different account types supported by Honeycommb

In your community, there are a couple of different account types, settings & roles that you should be aware of as you continue to build your network:

Control Center Login

The login for your control center (the back-end to your community) is created and shared upon the creation of your community. This account is not tied to the profile of a user in your network. As an admin in your community, you can behave, post and engage as any @username in your network. 

Control Center Login Page Link

Control Center Reset Password Page Link

Community Admin

The community admin account is the login credentials shared by your Honeycommb Success manager for logging into the Control Center (desktop login) to access things like posts, notifications, group creation, and other administrative functions. If you would like to add more admins to your network, please reach out to your success manager. Because this control center is a different system versus community login credentials (the physical login of the app) your credentials may not be the same as your account in your network. 

Community Moderator

The community moderator account is a step below the permission setting for the community admin account. For a full breakdown on the difference in permissions, please read this article.  

Community Leader Account

The community leader account is the first account that's created for your community. By default, every user in your network will automatically follow this user. Often times, this account is named after the community and will be verified (although you can opt to un-verify it if you'd like to.

Verified Account

A verified account is a way of elevating the status of users in your community. For a full breakdown on the verified system, please read this article

Non-Verified Account (Regular Member)

Non-Verified accounts are regular members of your community. They are listed as active members and can receive notifications, messages, and other community activities.  

Pre-Approval Account 

For private communities looking to create a smooth onboarding process, pre-approvals are the way to go! A Pre-Approval account is an account not yet created, but one that will be automatically approved when signing up for a private community. Pre-Approved users do not have an account ID and cannot receive any community activities as they are deemed a "Pre User" in the system and do not have any login credentials until the sign-up flow is completed.  For more information Pre-Approvals, please read this article