Home Feed Dynamics

Learn about how your home feed works

User home feeds are arguably the most critical place for curation and content consumption. The home feed of users is made up based on three main pillars: 

  • Content Curated By Admins (Featured Posts)
  • Members that I "Add To Home"
  • Groups That I'm A Member In

All content is displayed in chronological order and provides a time delineated way of consuming content in that order.

Featured Posts

Pinned at the top of the feed, featured posts are visible to all members of the community and provide a way for community admins to push relevant and important content to the rest of the community. Admins can select the number of featured posts (between 0 - 3) at any point via their control center. 

Learn more about Featured Posts here. 

Add To Home

When a user completes the action on another user profile to "add to home" the content from that user will appear in their home feed. After the user has opted to add that user, the "Added" button will appear checked on the profile of that user.

Community owners have the ability to adjust the community follows model by managing the Opt In or Opt Out model with the support of a Honeycommb Success Manager.

To learn more about the difference in these two models, read about our two different home feed types and reach out to your success manager. 

Groups That I'm Apart Of 

If a user is apart of a group, by default, content posted to that group is added to the home feed of that user. In the settings of each group, users have the ability to make those adjustments, but the default action is to display group content in the home feed of a user. Posts that are shared into a group will be displayed in the home feed as a "Posted In ____ Group" For example: 

The group settings can be accessed in a given group by pulling down on the menu bar or hitting the " " (info) icon associated with that group. In the menu, users can adjust the following: Group Bio, Add To Home, Post Notifications and Display On Profile: 

Learn more about Creating Groups here.