Hidden Groups

You may notice that the option to mark a group as "hidden" exists on the Group object

As an admin creating a group, you have the ability to mark a group as "hidden."

To enable, you simply have to update the check box on the group object: 

The Behavior: 

When you mark a group as HIDDEN - that group will be removed from the search experience. Marking a group as hidden does not mean that it's not visible in the community - it's just removed from search UX 

Example 1: Open Group Marked as Hidden

When an open group marked as hidden is managed, users can still make a post and that content will show up in the home feed (as would it be the normal case) but the group will still be an active group that some users could find if they look at the meta data on the post. 

Example 2: Restricted Group Marked as Hidden 

This feature will do nothing as the RESTRICTED group is already not visible