Group Content & Post Rules

Rules on the Honeycommb for how Groups are used & managed

User Must Be Member Of That Group To Post

Whether sharing from the control center or directly from the app, in order to post (or comment on a post) a user must be a member of that group.

Posts Cannot Be Moved Into A Group

If a post is not shared to a group originally, that post cannot be moved to a group. At the time that the post is created, it's distributed to all of the users that FOLLOW the user that created the post. Thus, if a user FOLLOWING the original post creator is not a member of that group, the platform does not re-distribute that content again.  

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Posts Cannot Move From One To Another 

Once a post is created, it's distributed to the users of that group (into their home feed) based on the premise of that group. So, once a post is published it cannot be moved from one group to another group because it has already been distributed to the users and audience of that group. To move the post, you must delete and re-post that content.  

Posts Cannot Be In Multiple Groups 

Content inside of a group is only accessible to the members inside of a group. The platform allows a post to be associated with ONLY one group to ensure that it's displayed and presented to the users inside of that group.

i.e. if a post is inside of a private group and public group; users need to be a member of that group in order to see/engage that content so that scenario does not work.