Group Chat Moderation

Moderate your Group Chats Effectively

There are two ways to navigate to a desired Group Chat moderation window.

Option 1:

Navigate to the group inside that you would like to moderate within. You can find all groups by using the "Groups" button in the top navigation bar. To enter a group page, click on either the "ID" or "View" buttons associated on the line item of your group. Once you're on the group page, select the "chat" button in the bottom of the page and your chat messages will auto-populate in the control center. 

When you open the new chat waterfall, you'll see that the filter automatically generated on the sidebar is sorting via Chat ID. 

If you keep this Chat ID for future use, then you can easily find the desired group chats through the Chat button in the top navigation, or Option #2 below. 

Option 2:

Enter in the chat ID in the filters sidebar to populate messages ONLY from that desired group. Note that the Chat ID is not the same as the Group ID. Now, if you don't have the chat ID memorized, look back to option 1 and use that to find the Chat ID.