Group Administrator

This article summarizes the role of Group Administrator; what it is, what they have access to, and what they can do.

Group Administrator Definition

A group administrator has access to your networks Honeycommb Control Center where they can administer every aspect of the group(s) they're an administrator of, no matter the group type. A group administrator can not create or delete groups.

For how to create a Group Administrator see "Administrators & Roles; Create, Edit, Remove"

Group Administrator Access

A group administrator has access to these main areas in the Control Center;


  • Posts
    Can only see posts from the groups they are administrators of and from their own profile
  • Members
    Can only see members in their group; approved, pending, and banned.
  • Groups
    Can only see the list of groups that they are an administrator of.
  • Group
    Group Admins also have access to the Group(s) they're an administrator of, an area that allows them to manage group info, posts, chats, members, and mobile notifications (for those with "Full Suite" / mobile apps).

Group Administration

Group administration is relevant to Group Type and their permissions


Group Type: Open

  • Edit Group Info: Group name, description, short name, color, icon, and art
  • Posts: Edit, delete, approve flagged posts, batch actions, create new group posts
  • Chat: Edit, delete, review flagged chat messages, batch actions, create new group posts
  • Members: Remove from group, ban from group

Group Type: Gated, Closed, Private, Premium

  • Same as "Open" + ...
  • Members: Approve join request, deny join request, delete join request

Create Posts

Group Administrators can create posts directly from the group's "Posts" tab area. This makes the conceptual model of group management and posting to a group simple.


Send Mobile Notifications

Group administrators, for networks with Full Suite / dedicated mobile apps, can send custom mobile notifications to their group members right within the group's "Notifications" area. This tab will only be visible to Full Suite / networks with dedicated mobile apps.


Honeycommb networks use groups for all kinds of reasons. If there's functionality changes you would like to see for group administrators in your network, please submit a support ticket so we can review and consider your request by clicking the "Submit a Support Ticket" at the bottom of your right hand navigation in the right side menu of your Control Center.


Honeycommb Success Team 🐝