Ghost Liking

Ghost liking (Ghost Engagement) is a simple way to stimulate engagement by liking content via the Control Center

To Ghost Like content, simply navigate to the Posts page in your control center. From here, you'll see all of the content that has been created in the community. 

On each post, you can see an option to LIKE that post: 

From here, you'll have the option to input the user that you would prefer to LIKE that content as.

NOTE: Using the Control Center, you can "like" content using any username in your community - you are "liking" content on their behalf

Here's when you'd want to Ghost Like Content:

  • When a user with high stature is important to stimulate engagement 
  • When you want to use the control center to push engagement
  • When you want to boost engagement on a specific post 
  • When you run a couple of ghost accounts as an admin and you'd rather not log into the app specifically to use them :)