Onboarding: Getting Started With Honeycommb

Our goal is to set you up for Success! In doing so, we've created a pipeline to help build a strong foundation for your community.


In the traditional route to onboarding involves a series of three specific check-ins to ensure that you have everything that you need prior to the commercial launch. 

Here's a basic outline of what we'll cover in the setup and planning of your community: 

The calls also listed out in list view... 

Goal Setting & Objective Pointing

  • Documenting your strategy
  • Finalizing your personas
  • Coming up with market positioning
  • Defining your business stack
  • Outlining your goals
  • Understanding & Setting your KPIs

Community Configuration & Training

  • Community Structure
  • Framework for Groups
  • Custom Fields Strategy
  • Automations & Configurations
  • Branding & Artwork Review
  • Setting Your Launch Strategy

Pre-Launch Planning 

  • Review Launch Dates
  • Review Channel Marketing
  • Review The Content Plan
  • Review User Onboarding
  • Review engagement strategy
  • Getting to your first 100 users

Your success manager is here to be helpful every step along the way! 

NOTE: If you feel that the traditional onboarding method is a bit much, that's no problem! For experience community managers and those that already have an exceptional grasp on the product, we can simply accelerate and tailor experience in onboarding to make sure that you've still got the training on the platform that you need but we don't want to overwhelm your set up process.


If you're reading this and would like to set up some time with your success manager, feel free to send them an email directly or send to success@honeycommb.com