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Gate Media & Description

The description used when a user engages with a premium group or paid content

In this article, we'll cover:

The Membership Gate:

The purpose of the membership gate is a tool for promoting the appropriate membership offering to a user attempting to engage with content. The gate is managed by the administrator of the community and is leveraged when a user attempts to engage with premium content or groups. 

Engaging With Premium Content

When a user engages with premium content, the promo gate will appear. This will appear consistently across the web and mobile anytime a user tries to engage (like/comment/view) with a piece of premium content. 

Engaging with Premium Groups 

Similar to the experience of engaging with premium content, when a user attempts to engage or access a paid group, the membership gate will appear and ask that they upgrade to the appropriate membership product.

NOTE: The membership gate does not appear when a user is subscribed to the relevant plan or product. There is not a need for this to appear as the user will have already purchased/paid for this item. 

Admins can adjust the following:

  •  The Promo Gate Media (Images or Video)
  • The Promo Gate Description 

When thinking about your membership gate, create a reusable piece of media and description that communicates the value of what the user *could be* receiving if they were to purchase the appropriate subscription. 

Example: The Membership Gate: 

SIDE NOTE: For all of our fans of "The Office" you'll appreciate this gate example ;) 

When the user clicks through to "Explore Membership Options" they'll be presented with the product listing page that details and filters all of the plans that allow them to access the specific item that they tried to engage with.