Feed Banners

The feed banner is an extremely dynamic asset because it can be linked to a variety of places in the app or outside.

Whether you’d like to promote a different URL or point to a profile and/or piece of content inside the application, this is a great way for you to promote something that’s highly visible to each and every user in the community. 

1. To begin, jump into "Feed Banner" from the Main Menu in the control center 1.0. 


2. Click on "New Feed Banner" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen under the main menu. 

3. Title: Bolded text for the title.

4. Body: Fill this in to give more info on where you're leading your audience (limit 125 characters)

5. URL: This is the destination of where a user will be taken to when they tap the feed banner. Enter the URL of the group, piece of content or external website you want to bring your audiences' attention to. 

In the URL field, you can put URLs for groups, profiles, or content! 

Example Group URL: https://community.honeycommb.com/groups/group-name 

Example Profile URL: https://community.honeycommb.com/users/username 

Example Post URL: https://community.honeycommb.com/posts/1234589 

6. Icon: You can upload an image representing your feed banner news. 

7. Dismissible checkbox: Leave this checked to allow a user to dismiss the banner once they've seen it or uncheck it if you want the banner to stay put at the top of the feed. 

8. Expires at: You can set a time for your feed banner to stop displaying.

9. When you're ready click "Create Feed Banner" and your banner is live!

If you'd like to edit an existing feed banner, you can extend the expiration date and