Featured Posts

Curate, highlight, and organize content that your community members will engage with the most.

Featured posts can be a powerful tool in the world of curation and content management. 

A couple of notes about featured posts to help you understand the details of the system: 

  • Your featured posts are pinned to the top of everyone's home feed. Regardless if that user follows the account (or not) they'll be forced to see the content that you're featuring in their feed.
  • You have the ability to select how many featured posts that are in a home feed. This can be updated in real-time, so the control center can be adjusted per campaign. It's important to note, however, good user experience practices follow a behavior pattern to keep their home feed fresh and exciting. If you have too many featured posts (or a post is featured too long) it can make the experience feel stale 
  • Featured posts are not automatically adjusted and require a community manager to adjust or remove.
  • You can also remove featured posts entirely by setting the featured count to "0" zero. 
  • To adjust the number of featured posts, go to "edit community" and adjust the number of posts you'd like featured. 

TIP: Posts cannot be featured when the content is published in a paid, closed, or restricted group. For more info on group permissions, see here! 

When building your featured post strategy, a few things to consider: 

  1. Highlight User-Generated Content. Featured posts are great at surfacing new and exceptional content in the community. Lots of community managers use them to promote content from creators in the community to increase visibility on content. 
  2. Share important messages. If there's something you want the community to take note of, use a featured post to make sure each and every member sees your message. 
  3. Promote Discussion. If there's a hot topic in your community, featuring that content is a great way to drive more engagement and discussion in a relevant place. 
  4.  Introduce a new member. Giving special shout-outs is a great way to bring the community closer together. By leveraging the featured positions, you can create an avenue to make important members (or any members for that matter) feel special! 

Using Featured Posts are GREAT tools when used well. If you're not using Featured Posts consistently, the "top spot" in your community can feel stale and unexciting. 


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