Execute Your Launch

Make sure to consider a few key points as you approach launch

Executing Your Launch

A few things to think about when taking your community live!. 

If you're reading this, then congrats! Your Honeycommb community is alive and in the world. Here are a few tips and strategies as you start to onboard your audience and welcome them to their new home. 

1. Make Sure Your Assets Are Finalized

It's likely that your Honeycommb success manager has already completed this to get your community through the app store process, but it never hurts to double-check that assets for your community are complete and align with your brand standards. Assets can be found on the top navigation of the control center under the button, "Assets"

2. It Helps To Welcome New Members - Learn more

You don't have to welcome every new member, but you can set a great example for the rest of the community by @mentioning new members and giving them a shout out in a "post." This an effective way to get them engaged from the get-go and give them a reason to be excited! 

3. You Can Be An Effective Community Catalyst 

Social networks and communities operate very much like real life. People look at how others behave and jump on the bandwagon. As the community leader, you're able to set the tone for how people can and should behave in-app and with others in the community. Take advantage of the opportunities to engage with content from the community and capitalize on the incredible things that your community is going to create in the experience that you're going to create.   

4. Highlight User-Generated Content

Promoting user-generated content is a great way to set the right examples for how your community should act and behave. In using your featured spots strategically, you're able to give your community a platform to share their best content and snowball all of the awesome things that people are going to create inside your community. 

5. Keep An Eye On Featured Posts

As you highlight and feature content in the home feed, you'll want to keep an eye on the content that you feature. Pinning content to the top of the feed is an incredible tool to increase visibility and make sure your whole community sees that content, but if it's featured for too long, the community can feel a bit stale. You want to make sure that you're consistently highlighting new and exciting content. If you intend to unplug for a bit, you can set your featured posts to zero in the community settings tab.