Events - How to Promote Events to your Members

How you can promote & market your Events to your community.

Once you have created an event, now it's time to promote it! In this article we'll share several tactics you can use to promote your event using Honeycommb's tools.

Grab a Link to Your Event

Each event has a link that can be shared with your members, direct people to this link so that they can view the event page details and RSVP.

On Web:

Visit your community on the web and then open the slide-out menu by clicking on your profile icon in the top right of the page - then click Events in the slide-out menu.

Click the Event that you would like to link to, this will take you to that event's page in your community. Grab the link from your browser.

On Mobile:
Mobile users can tap a button on each event listing to open share options, then tap Copy Link.



Add a Feed Banner

Add a link to your event as a Feed Banner. Members can tap on the feed banner, taking them directly to the event page.

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Feature a Post with a Link to your Event

Create a new image post with your event image and include a link to your event in the body text of the post. After creating the post, feature the post to pin it to the top of your community's home feed.