Event Ideas for your Community

Host Events to engage your community & create special moments together.

Honeycommb's most active communities all have one thing in common - they're creating community-wide events. Events like livestreams or meetups can create special moments for your members, keeping them engaged with your community and creating value for everyone.

Here are some examples of events that you could host using Honeycommb's Event system.

  • Online Event - Livestreams

    1. Livestreams - host a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly livestream Event using Honeycommb's built-in livestream technology. Livestream from your phone using your mobile apps, or broadcast to your community using RTMP streaming and your favorite livestream software.

    2. Livestream - Featured Guests
      1. Interview a thought leader or interesting person in your space. Invite a notable podcaster or YouTuber on to do a live Zoom that you broadcast to your community.

  • Online Event - Zoom or Teams Sessions

    • Invite members of your community to join a Zoom session. Members will enjoy connecting with you and other members, creating connections that can turn into friendships, and creating super fans of your community.

  • Online Event - Major Content Releases

    • Planning to release a new video, podcast, album, or other new content? Create an Online Event in Honeycommb to allow members to RSVP and receive a calendar invite as a reminder.
  • Meetup Events

    • Local Meetups
      • Invite members to join you locally at a coffee shop, park, office, or a favorite venue.
    • Meetups around major conferences or other events your members may be attending. Plan meetups around major conferences, festivals, or events that many of your members may be attending already.