Edit Your Privacy Policy

Easily adjust the privacy policy for your community using the Control Center

The existing privacy policy in your community is automatically generated by Honeycommb at the time of your community being created. You as the owner and manager of your community can update or adjust that policy at any time! 

The text input supports carriage returns and line breaks - but bold, underline and other text formatting types are not currently supported. 

NOTE: Policies cannot be edited, they can only be overwritten. As users have already agreed to this policy - you cannot edit something that a user has already agreed to. 

To edit your policy:

1. Navigate to the privacy policy tab in your control center

2. Click on NEW Privacy Policy in the upper right of the page

3. Write in or paste the policy for your community and then click Create Privacy Policy

After you click create, your new policy will be updated and overwrite the existing policy!