Discover Filters

A bit more detail on how the Honeycommb discover experience works.

Your discover section is a great place for users in your community to explore and experience new content. By using the 🔍 in the bottom navigation, users can access content that they might not have in their home feed. Here's a breakdown of the filters used: 

  1. Verified
  2. Featured
  3. Trending
  4. New
  5. All-time


Verified is a custom tool you have to create elevated profiles and user content. The first tab in Discover is optional and can be turned ON/OFF (work with your Success Manager to remove verified) and thus allows community admins to leverage a special space to highlight their most valuable users.

Learn more about verified here. 


The featured section enables admins to display a historical list of content ordered by curated, featured posts. All featured posts in Discover are displayed in the order that they've been featured by an admin. 

Learn more about featured posts here. 


The trending section of Discover takes a couple of different things into account when surfacing content, users, and hashtags. We call our algorithm a Hot Score value:

  • Timeliness of the post (recency) 
  • Who it's posted by (verified, non-verified) 
  • The pace at which comments/like are occurring on the post (engagement pace)
  • The quantity of engagement on a post

Collectively, all of these together provide our Hot Score to weight posts, users and hashtags to display them in Discover. 


New is exactly what it sounds like! New content posted with the most recent at the top. 


All-time content will be displayed as the best content in the community over the life of the network. Measuring both comments and likes, we take the highest engaged content and place that atop All-Time.