Directly Edit Your App Store Listings on Apple & Google (Via Control Center)

Easily Adjust your App Store Listings

You have the freedom to edit and update your App Store listings in the Google Play and Apple App Store as you wish. Finding that your members are talking more about a certain keyword? There’s no limit on how many new users can find you when you’re consistently optimizing your store listing.

NOTE: Artwork & descriptions in the app store get updated with a new release: That means a new submission (with a new update and app version) is required in order for the artwork & copy to be updated in the stores. 

When you log into your Honeycommb Control Center, click on "View Community Details"

You'll see the "Google Play Listing" button and "iTunes Listing" button in the top right corner.

When you click into either, the listings open and you'll be able to click "Edit ... Listing"

From here, you can update and change your short and long descriptions, graphics, and keywords as the stores allow.

See the examples below: