Direct Upload URL

For large files or weak internet connections, the direct upload URL allows for speedier uploads to the Control Center

About The Direct Upload

The basic principle of Direct Upload is to take any existing public URL of a public file and upload that file to your Honeycommb community as a post. 

Typically, this is used for large video files or when the internet connection is unstable and/or not strong enough to upload. 

Of course, the file must be one of the Honeycommb supported file types, but it does not have to be a file stored on your desktop machine. The direct upload works for both creating posts and scheduling posts. 

Direct uploads can come from all sorts of places! As long as the URL is a publicly available URL for anyone on the internet at the time of upload. 

How To Use The Direct Upload 

To start a direct upload, first create a new post in the Control Center. Add in the username, title, body, group, etc... just like you would on a normal post from the control center!

Next, for the attachments, paste the URL for your direct upload URL into the box:

Once completed, create your post!