Direct Messaging

New updates & improvements to Direct Messaging!

The most recent update to the Honeycommb platform brings Direct Messaging to your community. We're excited to add another dimension to the platform that allows users to communicate with one another in a private, one-to-one setting. 

As we strive to continue building the elements of an engaged and connected community, we want to provide more one-to-one connections that truly have the power to build long-lasting relationships and connect people in a whole new way. 

“After looking at data behind the excitement and engagement with chat (update 1.36) we felt that direct messaging was a natural progression for the user experience.” Ryan Fung, CTO

A little bit more detail on the dynamics of Direct Messaging

  • All messages are entirely private, not accessible by an administrator, and are sent through an encrypted channel
  • Verified users can message anyone in the community, verified or not
  • Non-verified users can message anyone in the community that is not a verified member 
  • A non-verified user can message a verified if that verified user has added him/her to home

Access your messages using the "Activities Tab" or navigate to a user profile:  


Administrators can look at the number of total direct messages that were sent in the last 24 hours on their honeycommb dash:

If you'd like, please connect with your success manager for a walkthrough of direct messaging and a full tutorial of the latest update.