Direct Messaging

Sending DMs on the Honeycommb platform

Direct Messaging is a system used to connect members of the community in a private 1 to 1 setting that enables personal and unique dialogue. 

A couple of info bits about direct messaging on Honeycommb:

  • Non-verified users can send direct messages to any non-verified users 
  • Non-verified users cannot send direct messages to verified users 
  • Verified users can send direct messages to both verified and non-verified users
  • If a user would NOT like to receive a direct message from another user, they may "block" that user which denies the blocked user the ability to send a DM to that user.  
  • Community moderators do not have the ability to see direct messages; they are not exposed to the control center 

Your direct messages are accessible via your activities tab on the bottom navigation of your community.