Developer Accounts

Customize the account your Native App is published to

A developer account is a source for distributing apps to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. By default, this is a resource included for free with the publishing and launch of your community on the Honeycommb platform through Honeycommb's Developer account listed as Places App. 

You can also have Honeycommb directly publish and deploy to your very own developer account. By publishing to your own developer account, you're able to further white-label your community network with your brand and take advantage of the Honeycommb deployment engine for weekly updates to the app. 

Pros of publishing through Honeycommb's Developer Account:

  • Free (You don't have to pay Apple's or Google's fees) 
    • Apple charges $99 Yearly, Google is $25 one-time 
  • The quickest way for your mobile apps to be published to the App Store
  • Honeycommb simply handles the deployment of the app to each store without any involvement from the partner 
  • For future use cases: It's simple to transfer developer ownership from Honeycommb to your own developer account if you decided to use your own at a later date

Pros of setting up your own developer account to publish your app:

  • *Branded Developer Account (Replace Honeycommb as the Developer)
  • Simpler access to your app store traffic data in both market places
  • Further branding for your app listing in the marketplaces 

NOTE: There is no difference in the performance of the app in App Store Search when using the Honeycommb developer account OR your very own developer account

FAQs on Developer Accounts: 

How long does it take for me to create my own developer account?

  • Depending on the current stage of your company, it can take 1-2 weeks. You must have an EIN and DUNS number in order to be approved by Apple for a Developer account. 

Who manages the replies to Apple/Google if there are any with rejected App Builds? 

  • The Honeycommb team will manage the communication with Apple/Google in the case that there is a rejection. This is included in our services agreement with partners. 

*To set up your own organizational developer account with Apple's App Store your organization must have a DUNS number to register with. If you don't already have a DUNS number requesting one could take up to a month to receive one.