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Data Security Background

Data is an important part of our platform. For those who ask about the security of your data, here are a few bits of information for you to share: 

  • We use SSL everywhere. Between client/server, server/database, etc.
  • We treat security equally for all our customers and ensure best practices are applied across the board.
  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. All connections to honeycommb are required to be encrypted. Data is stored in encrypted RDS instances.
  • To comply with GDPR, data that leaves the system to our providers is never tied to an individual. A compromise with our providers to not compromise our users since we only pass IDs; we never pass emails, usernames, etc.
  • We don’t collect GPS location at the moment unless you enable integration with one of our attribution partners. (IE adjust, apps flyer, etc). We do collect the IP address of each user to identify bad actors.
  • Data is stored in Northern Virginia hosted by Amazon's AWS. For more information on Amazon's AWS, please read this article on Amazon's privacy protections.
  • In case of disaster recovery, data is backed up and saved for Seven (7) days on the database and then is removed.