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Custom Product Line Items

Admins have the ability to create customized line items for their membership tiers and products

Using your control center, the Honeycommb platform supports the ability to create customized line items about your product. A few notes to make about the workflow:

1. When you create an "affordance" the affordance is automatically added to the line item with the default copy (just in case you need some inspiration ;) 

2. Admins can remove that copy all together or adjust it to tweak accordingly

3. Custom line items can also be added to The product listing page - HOWEVER, custom line items are not fulfilled or managed by Honeycommb and admins responsible for all functions, tools, resources, access, etc... that is added to that product. 

Usage In-App

Your line items are presented to the user on both the Product Listing Page and the Product Page used in the checkout experience. 

As an example, the line items are displayed below the description and above the plan options: