Custom Fields Overview

A summary of Custom Fields on Honeycommb


Custom Fields are a great tool for capturing more data about your community and creating specified, customized data points about your audience on Honeycommb. 

Honeycommb currently supports up to 10 custom fields in your community. 

Here's how to get started with Custom Fields: 

To create a custom field for your community, navigate to the "Custom Fields" tool in your control center and click "New Custom Fields"

When setting up your custom field, the following fields are required:

  • Name: What is this a custom field for?
  • Description: Describe your custom field
  • Field Type - See Our Article On Field Types
  • Dropdown Options (Only Used For Array, String, and Numbers in Comma Separated Values format) 
  • Hidden: Would you like users to have the ability to see this field on a profile or in-app?
  • Allow Blank: The value of user input is allowed to be left blank

Once you've completed all of these fields, the custom field will exist in your community! At any specific time, you can have a maximum of 10 custom fields.  

Using the sidebar hamburger menu, you can also drag or adjust the order of the custom fields (order will be applied when users onboard) 


Adding A Custom Field Data Point To A User Profile

Searching & Sorting Via Custom Field 

For more information on the types of custom fields that are available on Honeycommb, please read Custom Field Types

NOTE: Data capture for custom fields exists solely through your control center. The next update to custom fields will enable you to add data capture into the onboarding experience for your users.