Custom Field Validations

Set the relevant validations and controls for your Custom Fields

Each custom field has the ability to possess the following traits and characteristics. When you create a custom field, the features of that field will automatically appear (or not appear) depending on whether or not that field has the ability to support specific validations. 

Editable Validations (Yes/No)

An editable validation means that after a user enters their field value, they will not be able to change 

Allow input to be modified after creation? A non-editable field will automatically apply a non-blank validator.

Blank Validations

As an admin, would you like to allow a user to leave this field blank? In this case, you're making the field a required field or not. 

Length Validations (Character Count)

Admins have the ability to set a certain number of characters that they require a user to complete on their profile. 

Minimum: The minimum number of characters that a user is allowed to enter in the custom field. 

Maximum: The maximum number of characters that a user is allowed to enter in a custom field.

Read Only 

If a field is marked as READ-ONLY, then that field cannot be edited after the first entry. Once a user enters their answer, it can only be changed by an admin. This is indicated by a 🔒 symbol next to the field. 


With this value, you're deciding whether or not you want the custom field to be apart of the onboarding workflow and ask the user to complete the question when they signup for their account in your network.