Custom Field Types

The supported formats of Custom Fields on Honeycommb

Honeycommb currently supports the following customized fields created via your Control Center. It's also important to note that at this time only 'String' custom field types show up on User Profiles.

String: [Short Text]

Enable users to enter in a value for a short text field or select an answer from a list of short text values. Example: Home Town, Profession, or Country. 

Text: [Long Text]

Enable users to enter in a value for a long text field. Example: Favorite Sports Story


Enable users to enter in a numeric value. This field will only validate numbers. Example: Age


Enable users to answer a Yes / No question. Example: Are you 21 or older?


Enable users to answer multiple answers to the same question. Example: "What cities have you lived in?" New York, Chicago, Detroit, Other

For more information on Custom Fields, check out our Custom Fields Overview