Creating Your .JSON Key

Generate your .JSON Key for the Google Play Console

Customization is a big part of what we provide here at Honeycommb, that also means publishing directly to your own developer account! Sometimes finding your .json key is a little bit hard so here is a step by step guide to get your .json key: 

1. First, Open the Google Play Console

2. Click Setup then API access.

3. Click Create new service account.

4. Click Google Cloud Platform (in a new window)

if you do not have a "Google Play Android Developer" project created already,
click here to create a Google Cloud Project:

6. Enter a name. Click CREATE.

7. Go to Service Accounts in Google Cloud Platform, Click CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT.

8. Type 'honeycommb' into Service account name. Click CREATE AND CONTINUE.

9. Under Role, type in Service Account User and click on that option. Click CONTINUE.

10. Click DONE.

11. Click the service account that was just created.

12. Under KEYS, click ADD KEY -> Create new key.

13. Select JSON for Key type. Click CREATE.

14. Save the downloaded JSON file to your computer. Click CLOSE.

15. Go back to the other window where you had your Google Play Console open and click Done. If you already closed that window, simply Open the Google Play Console and navigate to Setup -> API access

16. Under Service Accounts, you should see the one you newly created. Click Grant Access.

17. Select Account Permissions -> Admin (all permissions). Click Invite user.

18. Click Send Invite.

19. On your Users & Permissions page, you should see the service account you just created. In order for your app to receive updates, the service account honeycommb@api-[placeholder] must be on this list with the correct permissions (Admin). Next you must also add the honeycommb devops account so in order to do so, click Invite new users.

20. Type in Click Admin (all permissions). Click Invite user. Click Send Invite.

21. Finally, send your updated .JSON file that you downloaded to your success manager!