Promotion & Discount Codes: Creating A Promo Code

There are two steps you'll need to follow to create a promo code, first the Promotion, then create the code!

There are two major components to creating a promo code for your membership community: 

  1. Create the Promotion
  2. Create the Code

If you think about the basic model and hierarchy, your codes are a subset within the Promotion that you create. You can have multiple codes created all under the same Promotion. So, if you were to run a campaign across different channels, you could use the same coupon with different codes!

How to Setup using Control Center 2.0

  1. Login to your community using your Community Leader account. Your community leader account is the account you use to Feature posts from within your community.
  2. Open the slide-out menu in your community and click the Control Center menu link. This will open Control Center 2.0.
  3. Click the tab button in the top right of your screen, this will open up the slide-out menu of your Control Center. In the slide-out menu, click Subscriptions to expand the menu.
  4. Click Promotions in the slide-out menu

  5. On your Promotions & Promo Codes screen, click Create New Promotion to begin the creation of a new promotion and code.
  6. Create your promotion by filling out the following settings:
    1. Promotion Name - this name is used internally, in your control center
    2. Promotion Discount - choose to give users a specific Amount off of the price, or give users a Percentage off. Example: choose to give $2 off the price with Amount Off, or give users 50% off using Percentage Off.
    3. Promotion Duration -  set the number of times the promo code will be applied to a customer's invoice.
      1. Choose between First invoice only, 'All invoices within a period of time', and 'Every invoice.'
    4. Maximum Redemptions -  choose to put a limit on the number of times this promotion can be used by customers.
    5. Promotion Expiration - choose to enter an expiration date for all promo codes created from this promotion.
    6. Promotion Product Restrictions -  click "+ Add Product" and type in the name of Subscription or Group Product(s), if you want the promotion codes to only apply when used for specific products.
    7. Click Save Changes
    8. Click Create Promotion to create your promotion
  7. Click the three dots menu button at the top right of the page to expand your options menu, then click View Promo Codes


  8.  Click Create Promo Code to create your first promo code
  9. Create a Promo Code by filling out the following settings:
    1. Promo Code "Code" - enter in the code that customers will enter at checkout.
      - 20 character limit
      - Must be unique (only promo code with this name)
      - Alphanumeric and - (dashes) only
    2. Promo Code Expiration - choose to set an expiration date for the promo code.
    3. Maximum Redemptions - choose to set a limit of maximum number of times the promo code can be redeemed.
    4. Minimum Invoice Value - choose to require that the customer's invoice meet or exceed a certain monetary value/cash amount.
    5. First-time Transaction - choose to only apply the promo code's discount if it is the customer's first transaction with you.
    6. Click Save Changes to save your settings.
    7. Click Activate Promo Code to activate this promo code.
  10. And you're done! Once you create the code, it will be ready for use immediately and you can share it with appropriate members of your community 😄


Control Center 1.0: Creating A Promo Code From Start To Finish

1. First, navigate to the Promotions Section in your control center using the top navigation bar section: 

2. Next, click the NEW BILLING button in the upper right of the page

3. Here, you'll be prompted to indicate if you want your promo code to be a PERCENT OFF or AMOUNT OFF code type. For this example, we're going to select Percent Off.

4. Before creating, we'll have to enter some basic information about the promo code to create some definitions that indicate the proper use and implementation of this promotion. 

Here's what we need to input:

      • The Account: Your billing account connected to your community 
      • The Name: What would you like to call this code?
      • The Percent Off: What is the percent off you'd like to offer
      • The Duration: Currently only first-time use promo codes are supported
      • The Max Redemption Amount: [Optional] The maximum number of redemptions
      • The Redeem By Date: [Optional] You can add a required date to redeem by 

This is what your completed fields might look like:

Next, Create The Code

1. We're going to add the code by clicking ADD PROMOTION CODE in the upper right-hand corner of the page: 

2. When creating the code, we'll just have to complete the following info: 

    • The Code: What would you like to call this code?
    • The Customer: Are there specific users ONLY that can redeem using this code?
    • Expiration Date: Does this code have an expiration date?
    • Mark Active: Would you like this code to be active?

And you're done! Once you create the code, it will be ready for use immediately and you can share it with appropriate members of your community 😄

NOTE: For your code to be ready for immediate use, you must mark it as active!