Creating A Post

Upload a new piece of content from your Control Center

Here's a quick video to see how you can create a post in the control center: 

Creating a post is very simple. Start by clicking the "New Post" in the upper right-hand corner of the page:  

After creating a new post you'll be prompted to enter in a few fields: 

User: Type in the username that you'd like the post as

Parent: Not required for root posts, only comments. Type in the post ID in that you'd like to comment as 

Title: The title for the post, not required

Body: Only required when there isn't any media associated with the post, this is the body of your post

Source: Use "admin" or "control center" to tell the system that this is coming from the control center

Direct upload URL: Not required

Media: Upload pictures and videos to your post!

Post Type: This field is not required, so you don't need to fill in!

Featured: Pin your post to the top of the feed (if you'd like to)

Sponsored: Sponsored posts appear below 

Approved: Not required, but this post marks as 

Sponsor Logo: Not required, but input a sponsor logo on the post 

Groups: Put this post right into a group!

After you're ready to go, hit "Create Post" and your post will go live!