Creating a Group

Create a group in your community.

Groups are a great way to segment your audience whether it’s by geographic location, event or a designated place for specific sharing to take place within. Group Type permission settings cannot be changed once a group is created. 

Control Center 2.0


  1. Login to your community using your Community Leader/Admin account. Your community leader account is the account you use to Feature posts from within your community.

  2. Open the slide-out menu in your community and click the Control Center menu link.
    This will open Control Center 2.0.
    Your Control Center URL =

  3. Click the tab button in the top right of your screen, this will open up the slide-out menu of your Control Center. In the slide-out menu, click Groups

  4. Select your Group Type - Open, Gated, Closed, Restricted, or Premium (requires Subscriptions are enabled and products created)

    Read more about Group Types:

  5. Fill out the Group creation screen, adding your Group Name, Group Domain (part of the URL for the Group)Group Description, Group Short Name

  6. Customize your Group - Customize your Group Color, and upload images for your Group Icon (displayed in Group lists), and Group Art
  7. Save

Control Center 1.0:

To begin, make sure you’ve clicked on ‘Groups’ in the main menu in the control center.

Once, in Groups, click on the ‘New Group’ button in the upper right-hand corner right under the main menu.

You’ll need to fill in some information about your group to create it.

Name: What you want your group to be called.

Description: Tell your members what this group is about.

Slug: Customize the end of the URL which identifies a group’s location on the web. 

NOTE: the slug is automatically generated based on the name of your group. 

Short name: Title of feed within a group, limit of 4 characters. 

Color: Choose a color for the group menu & overlay on the art

Icon: Upload a profile image for your group.

Art: Upload an image that represents your group, this can be seen when someone clicks on group info. Similar to a cover photo.

Group type: Choose from the dropdown menu of open, gated, closed, or restricted. See “Group Permission Settings” to help you choose.

Once complete, click the create group button once your information is filled out and you’re done!