Create Push Notifications

Send a custom push notification to your audience

A push notification is a message that pops up on the mobile device of your community members; they don't have to be in the app or using their device to receive your push notification.  Push notifications are ideal to use when alerting members of important breaking news and gather members to engage in events. 

To begin, sign in to your control center and click on 'Notifications' in the menu bar. 

Once you're on the 'Notification' page, click on the "New Notification" button in the upper right corner under the menu bar. 

The New Notification page will open and you can begin filling in your communication to your members.

1. Fill in Title to share what you're communicating with your audience.

2. Fill in the Body which is the body of the text under the bolded title to give more detail.

3. Usernames can be left empty if you'd like to send it to your entire audience or you can send the notifications to specific usernames separated by commas.

4. You can choose to send your push notification to a specific group(s) within your community and can choose that in the Groups field. If you want to send to your entire audience you don't have to choose any groups here. So, by default, notifications will go to everyone in your network if you choose not to select any target audience. 

5. Target type options are User, Post, or Group meaning that you can link your notification call to action and lead your audience to a user profile, post to engage on, or group to join. 

6. Target: To link your notification you must add the ID number within the control center. The ID comes from a user, post, or group as you've specified in the target type. 

7. You then set a time for the push notification to be sent out.

8. When your message is ready for your community to receive click the "Create Notification" button and you're done.