Create A Free User

Add a user to a free plan on your membership platform

With your membership program on Honeycommb, you have the ability to add specific users to a "Free" plan. The free plan uses the following as a structure to remove the requirement for that user to pay your monthly subscription. 

  • The user is technically still required to be on a "plan" so the system can distinguish subscriptions vs. non-subscriptions; so all users are required to be on a "plan" in a membership community.  
  • Users added to the free plan are not eligible for a free trial if they are removed from the free plan at a date in the future 
  • Users will not be charged when they are on the free plan 
  • A user must have an account before they can be placed on the free plan (or subscription plan)

To add your user to the community Free Plan, please follow these steps: 

1. Navigate to the user you'd like to adjust in the control center and click VIEW

2. From the view page, click on BILLING in the upper right-hand corner of the page

3. Here you'll see the billing information and existing subscription information of the user in your network. Click on DELETE

WARNING: It's important that you ensure you've deleted the plan they're previously on in order to move them to the free plan. Users should only be on one plan. 

4. Now, you'll see that the user has no subscription associated with their profile. 

5. Click CREATE SUBSCRIPTION to create a new subscription

6.  Add the user to your FREE Plan and click CREATE SUBSCRIPTION

NOTE: To add a user to the free plan, it's required that you have created a FREE plan first. If you haven't, please work with your Success Manager to do so!

7. Once complete, you'll see the updated subscription created and associated with the records for the user.