Create A Percent Off Promotion

Create a promotion and code to offer a specific percentage off

1. To create a promotion for a specific amount off of your membership program, first, start by navigating to your PROMOTION 

2. Next, create a new BILLING PROMOTION

3. You'll need to fill in the following information tied to this promotion:

  • Account: What is the account that your promo code is associated with 
  • The Name: What would you like to call this code?
  • The Percent Off: What is the percent off you'd like to offer
  • Currency: What currency would this be applied for? Be sure to use your billing currency aka the currency that your membership product is listed in 
  • The Duration: Currently only first-time use promo codes are supported
  • The Max Redemption Amount: [Optional] The maximum number of redemptions
  • The Redeem By Date: [Optional] You can add a required date to redeem by 

4. Add a NEW CODE by clicking the button in the upper right-hand corner of the page after you finish creating the Coupon. You'll need to fill in the following: 

Then be sure to mark it as active and you're good to start using immediately!