Conversation on Post & By User

Honeycommb supports conversational activities, which means we'll alert users when there are new conversations on posts & by members they follow!

In the settings of the app, you may notice that there are toggles for New Conversation by User and New Conversation On Post that a member has the ability to configure based on their preferences. Definitions of each are below: 

New Conversation On Post

When enabled, new conversations (comments & replies) will send push notifications to users that are following each of those members. 
User A comments on a post by User B
I follow User A & User B, so I get notified about the comment on the post that is created by User A
New Conversation By User

When enabled, the notification for New conversation by a user will be tied to notifications every time (original posts or comments) are published by a specific member.

The receiver of the notification also has the ability to mute posts and conversations specifically that they do not want to be notified about.