Content Export

Easily export content from your community using the Control Center!

As the owner of your community, you're entitled to the data of your network. To export community data, work with your Success manager or send a request to to get a CSV or Excel format of a network export. Community owners are able to export the following fields tied to the content in their community:

Exportable Content Fields

User ID: The ID of the user who created the post
Community ID: The community ID of the post
Body: The copy in the body of the post
Sponsored: Is the post sponsored, yes/no
Created At: The creation date of the post
Updated At: The date that the content was updated with copy adjustments (if it was updated) 
Likes Count: Total likes on the post at the time of export 
Flags Count: Total flags on the post at the time of export 
Featured: Is the post featured or marked as featured at the time of export, yes/no
Title: The title of the post
Featured At: If the post is featured, then the featured date
Ancestry: How many total comments are made on the post
Ancestry Depth: The total replies value of comments 
Children Count: How many replies are created on the post 
Hot Score: The value of the hot score on the post at the time of export 
Descendants Count: Total number of replies + comments on the post 
Group Posts Count: Number of groups that a post is in
Edited At: If the post is edited by the user
Pending Delete: If the post is deleted or pending deletion 
Restricted: If the post is in a restricted group
URLs Count: The total number of URLs generated for a post