Provision an API Key for Honeycommb

Create the API Keys for our team to automatically publish app updates to your developer account.

Our team needs you to create a new API access key and provide the following from your developer account: 

  • User ID (Issuer ID)
  • Key ID
  • API Key (.p8 file)

Here's how to get started! 

1. Log into their App Store Connect account

2. From the main page navigate to the Users and Access page

This is where you will see all of the users that have access to your developer account. The "Users And Access" page is in the top navigation!

3. From the Users and Access page navigate to the Keys tab

The keys are right next to "People" and "Shared Secret"

4. Click "Request Access" and click AGREE to Modal

When you click "Request Access" the following modal will appear:

Agree to the boxes and click SUBMIT

5. Click on the blue + to create a new key:

6. Create a new key and download the .p8 file 

NOTE: When you create the new key, please name it "Honeycommb" and make sure that the access type is set to ADMIN

7. Send the .p8 file, Issuer Id, and key Id to your Honeycommb's Success team ( 

Once completed, you'll be able to send us the following: 

  • User ID (Issuer ID) // This can be copied from the page
  • Key ID // This can be copied from the page 
  • API Key (.p8 file) // This can be downloaded from the page

You can download the key from this button:


NOTE: The issuer ID and Key ID can be found on the same page 

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