How to Setup your Honeycommb Community - Web & Full Suite (Mobile Apps)

Launch your community quickly with our Setup Checklists for Web and Mobile App launches.

Use these lists to help guide the setup of your community's website and mobile apps.

Note: When going through the Community Setup guide below, use Control Center 2.0 via the Control Center link in the slide-out menu of your community.

Community Setup To-Dos - applies to both Web communities & Full Suite (Mobile Apps)

  1. Login to your community using your Community Leader account. Your community leader account is the account you use to Feature posts from within your community.
    Note: The Community Leader account is the account we automatically created for you when your community was first started.
    1. Open the slide-out menu in your community and click the Control Center menu link. This will open Control Center 2.0.
    2. Click the tab button in the top right of your screen, this will open up the slide-out menu of your Control Center.
  2. Configure General settings in Community Settings
    1. Click Community Settings in your slide-out menu and click General 

  3. Upload logos and design graphics to Branding & Graphics
  4. Customize your Onboarding settings to customize your community's experience.
  5. Update your Terms & Policies to add a custom Terms of Service & other policies.
  6. Create 2-5 Groups, to give your members a place to connect over shared interests
    1. How-to Create a Group Article
  7. Add custom Menu items to your community's slide-out menu
    1. Click Community Settings in your Control Center slide-out menu, click Menu Items
    2. How-To Add Slide-Out Menu Items Article
  8. Set up Custom Fields in Community Settings to ask members questions at sign-up or to customize your member profile
    1. Custom Fields Overview Article
  9. Add Custom Domains in Community Settings to put your community on your own custom domain and customize the email address used to send users system emails.
  10. Add Auto Follow Accounts in Onboarding settings
    1. Note: You must create these user accounts prior to adding them as Auto Follow accounts.
  11. Setup or Disable your Verified System for users
    1. Enable or disable Verified Profiles by updating your Verified System settings in General, under Community Settings in your control center slide-out menu
  12. Create a Feed Banner in Engage settings to help drive members to content that is important
    1. How-To Create a Feed Banner Article
  13. Familiarize yourself with the rest of control center and test your web community. If you have questions or need help, check our support knowledgebase and reach out to with questions.
  14. Invite 10 Members to help test out your community and add new content.
  15. Optional: Set up webhooks and any app automations to connect Honeycommb to other platforms you may use.
  16. Optional: Add translations for Groups & Members
  17. Optional: Add Pre-approvals (Private networks)
  18. Want to upgrade your community or explore our Add-Ons?
    Click Account & Billing, click Billing Overview and then select Explore Upgrades & Add-ons


Mobile App Launch Checklist

  1. Email your community's Logo asset (transparent PNG preferred) and request App Store Assets from Honeycommb's design team.
  2. Preparation: Create & write the text that will be used for your App Name (limit: 30 characters), iOS Subtitle (limit: 30 chars), Google Play Short Description (limit: 80 chars), and Full App Descriptions (limit: 3930 chars)"
  3. After Honeycommb has created and uploaded your App Listing image assets, edit your Google Play Listing and iTunes Listing and add the app listing text created in the previous step.
  4. Optional: Optimize your iTunes listing by adding Keywords and Promotional Text
  5. Optional: Learn how to increase search relevance through App Store Optimization
  6. Send Email to and notify the team that your app listings are updated and request App Creation.