Community Settings - General

Adjust your primary community settings to the needs and context of your community.

Customize your community by updating some of the most fundamental systems in the community. Adjust your primary community settings by visiting Community Settings -> General in Control Center 2.0.

Note: Control Center 2.0 will be available through your Community Leader account and accessible via the Control Center link in your community's slide-out menu. Login to your community leader account, open the slide-out menu and click 'Control Center'.

Community Name

Your community's name is displayed extensively throughout your web community and applications, including automated emails and mobile notifications. 

Community URL (Honeycommb)

Each community is provided a subdomain URL. This URL can be changed by sending a request to
Note: You can override the Honeycommb URL by setting up a custom domain.

Marketing Website URL

Add the URL for your marketing website or landing page. This URL is used in your applications and emails to direct members to learn more about your community or offering.
Tip: Many Honeycommb customers create pages on Squarespace/GoDaddy etc - a simple website to help explain your community, your offerings, etc.

Primary Language

Set the primary language for your community. Honeycommb supports English, Italian, Japanese, German, and Spanish.  You may add support for multiple languages by purchasing the add-on in Billing -> Add-ons.


Community Follow Model

Honeycommb uses a Follow Model for the standard way that users' home feed is populated with content. The follow model determines the way content is displayed in a user's home feed, while also impacting the way users follow and are followed by others.
Click here to learn more about the Opt-In, Opt-Out, and Opt-Out No Subscription settings in your Community Follow Model.


Direct Messaging Model

Determine how members are able to Direct Message others.
Learn more about Direct Message Model.

Verified System

Honeycommb's Verified System allows you to signify members in your community as "verified" and/or as elevated status. Verified members have a star icon, an adjusted Verified profile design, and verified members display different in your Member search and Discover Pages.

Content Sharing

Choose to enable or disable the Share button on content posts inside your community's applications. The Share button helps members share links to content more easily.

Maximum Prioritized Featured Posts

Featured posts are pinned to the top of your community's home feed. This setting allows you to determine how many featured posts are displayed at a time at the top of your home feed. You can choose between 1 post, 2 posts, 3 posts, or 0 posts. Learn more about Featured Posts.