Full Suite: Community Launch Checklist

A few items for you to prioritize as you prepare for launching your community for Android, iOS & Web!

Before you're launching to your audience, whether it be a soft launch with a beta group or an official announcement, there are a few final touches to make sure your network is ready for your community. It's important to populate your network with content so people aren't joining an empty space. Oftentimes, the members of an online group behave the way they see others engaging. If your group has no content, no one else will want to be the first to post. If you have content and created posts encouraging engagement, many people will react to your prompts with engagement and you'll build a thriving, successful community.  

Internal Set-Up Suggestions 

A few considerations for the structure and "stickiness" tools inside the Honeycommb platform. 

🏘ī¸  Create Groups & Group Strategy | LEARN MORE

Using groups is a great way to help organize content, discussions, and people in your community in a format that makes sense. Reach out to your success manager if you have any questions on group strategy or organization! 

👀  Pre-populate Content | LEARN MORE

Your community is like a party! It's important to populate the network with plenty of content, featured posts, and all sorts of goodies so that new users have room to engage, connect, and poke as they first join your community. 

👨  Add Pre-Approvals (Applies To Private Community) | LEARN MORE 

Pre-Approvals make the sign-up process for new users VERY simple. They don't need to wait for an admin to approve them (they'll also make your life easier too :)

🏴ķ §ķ ĸķ Žķ Šķ ˛ķ ŋ  Create A Feed Banner | LEARN MORE 

Feed banners are a great tool to pin a message, article, or call to action at the top of your home feed on both Web and Mobile. Use this to welcome new members with a special CTA, or Call To Action.  

📇  Configure Auto-Follows | LEARN MORE 

Auto-follows are a list of users that each new user will follow when their account is created. Use this as a way to ensure that new users follow the accounts and profiles that are most active in your network. 

🃏 Create (Or Request) Onboarding Cards | LEARN MORE 

Onboarding cards are a great way to set some expectations for your new community members and further brand the onboarding experience. If you haven't already, you can request that our design team use a template to create onboarding cards for you. Request Artwork Here

🔘  Set up your Custom Fields  | LEARN MORE 

Ask new users a list of pre-determined questions to fill out their profiles. Custom Fields are a powerful tool to help create a rich profile for users and add more fidelity to their profile exploration experience. 

🗄ī¸ Review Terms of Service, Data Policy & Privacy Policy | LEARN MORE 

Honeycommb communities have the option to (and it's recommended) to write your own terms of service for your community. 

🐎 Create Any Relevant Automations | LEARN MORE 

We support a range of different automation that can help you scale your user experience and grow the number of actions that you can manage/complete on a daily basis! Reach out to our team if you have any questions - but get those creative juices flowing!

#ī¸âƒŖ Create Featured Hashtags | LEARN MORE 

Community admins have the ability and power to create curated and featured hashtags in their community. To do so, you can either create a new hashtag or use one that's existing in your community! 

📇 Configure Your Follow Model | LEARN MORE 

Honeycommb uses a Follow Model for the standard way that users' home feed is populated with content. The follow model (as the name suggests) means that when another user is added to the home feed, content from that user will be displayed. When managing your community, there are two different ways you can set up how users' content is displayed in the Home Feed dynamic.

⭐ Create Verified System | LEARN MORE 

You can identify important members of your community by marking them as verified in your own network's terminology. You can use verified to identify valuable, trusted members within the community.  A star next to a user name identifies your verified members.  

💮 Add Custom Translations | LEARN MORE 

Creating context in your community is KEY! Did you know that you can change verbiage inside the Honeycommb app to depict clearly who is who and how you define members and groups within your framework!  

✔ī¸ Add A Slide Out Menu Item (Or two ;) | LEARN MORE 

Link directly from your Honeycommb community to... anywhere! Use this as a way to keep members of your community in-app when accessing other resources online. 

External Set-Up Suggestions

Consider adding a few (or multiple) of these tools to compliment your experience on Honeycommb. 

đŸ–Ĩī¸  Generate a Smart URL | LEARN MORE 

SmartURLs are a great tool for you to simply market, grow, and promote your app. Check out our Help Article for how to set up your Smart URL to simplify your app promotion! 

↔ī¸  Configure Community Automations | LEARN MORE 

Honeycommb integrates with Zapier, so adding automation to easily send a user to an email tool or add them to a group is right within our wheelhouse! Check out our Blog Post for some inspiration and if you're stuck, reach out to your Success Manager!.

🌐  Set up your Marketing Site | LEARN MORE

Your marketing website is a valuable tool in communicating the benefits and value proposition of your brand. It's helpful to be extremely clear to prospective users in your network and marketing funnel, plus a helpful tool in converting them to a member of your community. 

đŸ”ŗ  Add Login & Sign Up Buttons On Your Website | LEARN MORE

It's important to make sure that your existing community and new members of the community have an easy way to find your community and/or create their account. 

Get a usable copy of this checklist! 

Check out our Google doc! Make a copy of this google doc and you can use your own checklist to start prepping and planning towards your launch. 

Are you ready for launch? Do you have any questions about the items listed above? We're always here to help! Send a note to success@honeycommb.com or reach out to your Success Manager with any questions you may have.