Community Artwork

The best artwork to submit to get started with your Community

In the community creation process, you'll be submitting artwork to your Honeycommb Success Manager for mockups and the v1 of your community brand design. As you submit artwork, here's a helpful tip on what to submit and the best format to submit in:

Before we jump in: Our team loves high-resolution files!! 

[Required] Please share a Logo MARK

A logomark refers to an image or symbol which represents a brand, and usually does not include the name of that company. This is what our team will use for the app icon and other branded elements of your community. Examples of marks: 

[Optional & Suggested] Please share a Logo TYPE

The logotype, also known as a "word mark", is a brand name styled as a logo. This is very helpful in the creation process of your v1 designs, but not entirely required. Examples of logotypes: 

The suggested file format in the highest resolution (300 DPI x 300 DPI) 

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • PSD
  • Adobe Illustrator