Community Accent Color

Adjust the default color for your community

Your community accent color is a custom color used throughout your community and can be changed at any point in time. The following are directly impacted by the community accent color when adjustments are made:  

  • "Like" Icon 
  • Discover Background Color
  • Default Group Color
  • Onboarding Buttons
  • Bottom Navigation Bar
  • Post Creation Experience 
  • Comment bar and chat bar 
  • Slide-out menu buttons
  • Activities section 
  • Overlay color on web onboarding image

To adjust your community accent color, first navigate to your "Edit Community" page: 

From here, navigate down to the "Accent Color" line item:

Once you click on the accent color, you'll be presented with a modal to adjust the color or enter in an RGB hex code that matches your brand colors.