Auto Join Groups

How to automatically add new members to groups in your network after successful registration.


You must have groups created in your network prior to being able to add auto join groups on onboarding

Groups: Type; Open, Gated, Closed, Private

"Premium" type groups are not eligible to be auto join groups. Premium groups are reserved for Community or Group Subscription products.

How To Add / Remove Auto Join Groups

In Community Settings in your Control Center, you'll find "Onboarding" settings. In the Onboarding settings area you'll find the "Auto Join Groups" section.

  1. Click the "+Add Auto Join Group" button. This will reveal a menu of;
    All Open, Gated, Closed, and Private groups in your network that are not already an Auto Join Group.
    *Premium group will not show in this list of groups.
  2. Click the group you wish to add to the Auto Join Groups list & save.
  3. To removed a group form the Auto Join Groups list, simply click the "X" button to the right of the group name in the list and save.



That's it! Pretty darn simple 😊 BUT if you have any questions, concerns, thoughts please feel free to submit a support ticket and we'll get back to you pronto!


Enjoy the feature!
Honeycommb Success Team 🐝