Analytic Email

An email digest of the activity summarized in your community

Your community analytic email is a good way to get a pulse on the performance of your community week over week. 

By default, every community admin will receive the weekly communications but admins have the ability to add additional people to receive as well. 

How to set up:

The email will be sent at 3:00 AM Eastern Standard Time 

Contents of the email 

Network Overview

  • Total Members: Calculating the total number of members at the time of the report generation 
  • New Members: The total number of new members in the window of the report generation
  • Pending Users: Calculating the total number of pending members at the time of the report generation 

Active Members

  • Displaying the top active members in a community for the calculated period based on the total number of events with that user. An event is a registered action based on anything and everything that a member does. Like posts, view posts, view discover, view profiles, etc... it's all recorded! 

Community Content

  • Total Posts created - original posts created (root) 
  • Image/Video/Text/Live = all root posts 

Top Post 

  • Calculated based on the piece of content with the most views, likes, and comments. 

Community Engagement 

  • Total Events: Calculating the total number of events for the window of the report generation. An event is literally anything that a user does in the product. I.e. like a post, commenting on a post, viewing a video; anything that a user does in the product. 
  • Total Direct Messages: Calculating the total number of direct message for the window of the report generation 
  • Total Likes: Calculating the total number of likes for the window of the report generation 

NOTE: An event is created anytime a user does anything in-app. That means profile views, group joins, discover views, etc.. all of those are recorded and tied to a user profile.