Admin Role vs Moderator Role

The differences between Admin & Moderator roles on the Honeycommb Platform

Admins have complete access to everything in Honeycommb's Control Center to manage their social network.

Moderators have restricted access but are able to help manage and moderate content, users, and the social network itself with few limitations. 

NOTE: There's no limit to the number of administrators or moderators you can have on the platform. If you'd like to add either, feel free to reach out to your Success Manager to submit the request. 

Have full access to... Admin Moderator
Approve & reject pending users
Edit & update brand assets
Create & delete auto-follow accounts
Access & moderate group chat messages  
Create/ edit/ delete groups  
Create & edit data policy  
Create & edit terms of service  
Create & edit privacy policy  
Manage custom domain
Manage feed banner  
Access Hashtags & Post activity
Manage push notifications  
Access all content posted
Manage flagged content
Moderate user content
Schedule posts  
Access all user accounts
Ban users
Edit & update Google Play store listing
Edit & update Apple App Store listing
Download user content