Adjust Integration

The Adjust integration enables your mobile attribution analytics so you can track the effectiveness of marketing your Honeycommb apps.

Navigate to your Adjust dashboard

  1. Create Apps for both iOS & Android platforms.  You will need: 
    1. iOS App ID
    2. iOS App Identifier
    3. Android App ID
  2. For both apps, locate and copy your Adjust App Token
  3. For both apps, create an event for user registration
  4. For both events, copy the event token


Navigate to your Honeycommb Control Center

  1. In the slideout menu, click Integrations -> Service Integrations
  2. Locate the Adjust service integration and click Start Integration

  3. Paste the app tokens for the corresponding Key field
  4. Paste the event tokens for the corresponding Event field
  5. For the Environment field, enter production or sandbox (for testing only)
  6. For the Account Name field, paste the subdomain from the API Access
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Activate