Add custom translations using Translation Keys

Honeycommb supports custom translations for a variety of text throughout the web & mobile app community experiences.

Honeycommb Supports custom translations using a "key" system. Admins can add translations for each key-value, with support for many different languages. Each key-value maps to a different section of the Honeycommb web or mobile apps.

List of supported Translation key values:


How to Add or Update Translations

1. Sign-in to your control panel using your admin credentials. Enter your community and click on "Translations" in the main menu. 

2. Click on the "New Translation" button which will bring you to where you can enter your custom tagline.

2a. IF you wish to EDIT a pre-existing translation, click the "EDIT" link for the translations that you would like to update.

3. Type in the key for the translation that you would like to add.

4. Choose the desired language as Lang via the Lang dropdown menu.

5. Enter your copy in Value.

6. Click "Create Translation" to finish.