Account & Billing Settings - Frequently Asked Questions

Manage your Honeycommb Billing Settings, upgrade with Add-Ons, and access your invoices.

To access your Honeycommb billing settings and to manage your add-ons or upgrade, open your Honeycommb Control Center and expand the Account & Billing section of the slide-out menu.

Article Contents:


Billing Overview


The Billing Overview page gives you a snapshot of your current active subscription products and add-ons for your community. Your "Subscription Product" in this context is your chosen community type, Web or Full Suite. The Honeycommb Web Subscription includes a web-only community, while the Full Suite product includes the addition of iOS and Android mobile apps.

If you have purchased any additional add-ons, those will be displayed under Active Subscription Add-Ons. Click the Manage link next to each add-on if you would like to remove the add-on.

Explore Upgrades & Add-Ons - click this button to explore all of Honeycommb's add-on options for your community, including the option to Upgrade to Honeycommb Full Suite, add custom domains, hire a Community Coach to assist you with your community, among other options.

Subscription Billing - this section displays your billing status, billing cycle, current billing period, your next payment due date, your saved Payment Method, and your total billing amount.

Renew Automatically - enable or disable the automatic renewal of your billing cycle by clicking the toggle button.

View billing details - this link will open up a side-panel that will display your Billing Cycle, Billing Period, your active subscriptions, and your total billing payment for each billing cycle.

Update default card - this link opens up the Payment Methods page. The Payment Methods page will display your saved payment methods (saved credit/debit cards), giving you the option to delete a saved payment method and the option to add a new payment method.

Overage Charges

Overage charges can occur when a community's size increases past their tier's limit of users. The moment you go over your user count and pass into the next tier of users, you will receive a charge that will be prorated for the rest of the billing cycle. The new prorated charge will be at the new user-tier's rate, charged for the amount that will cover the remaining days in your current billing cycle.

If you lose users and drop from a larger user tier to a smaller user tier, we will prorate your account and give your account a credit at the prorated amount.


Managing Add-Ons

How do I upgrade from a Web community to 'Full Suite' to add mobile apps for iOS and Android?
To upgrade your web community and add mobile apps (native iOS & Android apps), login to your Control Center and go to Billing Overview, under the Account & Billing section of the slide-out menu. Click the Explore Upgrades & Add-ons button, then click Upgrade in the Honeycommb Full Suite Subscription add-on section. Click Submit Payment.


After successful payment you will receive a "Success!" message along with instructions for what's next. Our Community Success team will reach out to you with a list of instructions, which will include a request for text for your App's Name, Sub-Title, and App Description for your app store listings.

How do I change my billing period from Monthly to Yearly, or vice versa?
Please contact to change your reoccurring billing period.


Access invoices for each of your transactions with Honeycommb, including invoices for add-ons. Each invoice is listed with individual invoice numbers, the name of the product/add-on that was purchased, the amount paid, and the Status of the invoice.

To view an invoice and download a PDF, click the line for the invoice you would like to access. After clicking the invoice, a slide-out will open with your Invoice Detail and PDF download link.


Payment Methods

How do I change my card on file / How do I update my payment method?

To add a new payment method, login to your Control Center and go to Payment Methods, under the Account & Billing section of the slide-out menu. Click the Add Payment Method button and complete the payment form with your card details, then click Add New Card when finished.


How to Delete a Payment Method /
How to change Default Payment Method
To change your default payment method or to delete a payment method, view your Payment Methods, choose the payment you would like to update and click the ... (three dots) button under the Actions column. Choose Make Default or Delete to make a change.


Business Info

When setting up your community on Honeycommb, you're required to have the following:

  • A valid business address
  • A valid business/legal name (or DBA)
  • A valid business URL for your organization

This info is displayed to users in the footer of your transactional emails

To update your Business Info, open your Control Center slide-out menu and click Business Info under the Account & Billing section of the menu. Enter your Business Name and Business Address, then click Save Changes.



How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your community subscription and shutdown your community with Honeycommb, you will first need to turn-off the automatic renewal of your billing cycle. Click the toggle button next to Renew Automatically to switch it No. You will be asked to confirm that you would like to close your community.



Canceling auto-renewal will close the community at the start of the next billing cycle. After your community is closed, it will not be accessible to anyone.